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POS-SESSION is a portal Point of Sale system I have developed for Synctic Pty Ltd back in 2011-2012.

It features web UI, inventory management and synchronization, and scalability and portability (In other words, you can run it on a small raspberry pie computer or a huge AWS EC2 cluster). It was written in Python 2.7 using MySQL/mariaDB/SQLite as its database backends.

Cashier Interface

Product Management

Administration Backend

Try out the online demo at here.


POS-SESSION was my very first project that I have done in Australia. In fact, it was my first job in Synctic Pty Ltd. I had so many mistakes during the project runtime and here are my reflections on ethics, communication and teamwork.


Recount – Back during the POS-SESSION project, the project leader was continually giving out promises of features and functionalities that the potential clients required which is not possible to delivery due to the complexity of existing system design, inconsistency of features and functionalities that the potential clients desired and insufficient manpower.

React – I was unpleasant, dishonest and guilty due to giving our clients false promises. These promises which we were given out to our customers will only temporarily raise their image of us on professionalism and reliability. Once the final product delayed or promised features that are absent, it would definitely demote our rank in the highly competitive e-commerce software market.

Improve – We should tell the honest truth that we do not have any plan at the moment to implement additional features that our clients trying to push out. Furthermore, we should conduct a proper meeting and survey with out clients on post release development plan for additional add-ons (features and functionalities). This would make sure that our business practices satisfy the industrial ethics standard.


Recount – After the project leader gave out impossible promises to our customers, I spoke out against him on the unethical practice. I was using strong languages in the conversation which was led to a war of words between me and the project leader.

React – I was angry and humiliated during the conversation. He was continually attacking me on how I leak software development experience, a college degree in IT and language skills due to my foreign root. I have kept myself in silent because I cannot construct a complete sentence in my mind which was filled with angry, humiliation, scare and discouragement.

Improve – I should not use such languages to push out my thoughts. In addition, I should consult with other employees and my boss about my thoughts against the project leader’s dishonorable practice of delivering lies to the customers and how I should express them to the person that I did not agree with in a professional method instead of a war of words. Public expressing such topic surely will have significant impact on one’s position in the project and company. I learned this lesson in the hard way and I should not repeat such mistake in communication ever again.


Recount – I was the youngest member of the software development team and I only had been in Australia for roughly 2 months. I felt that I have been alienated by elder team members.

React – I was lonely and disorganized in the new environment. I did not know how to express my thoughts with other team members. Furthermore, I did not have the courage to ask others related to the project. After the horrible communication mistake I made, I finally spoke to others under the business owner’s order to apologize the unnecessary storm between me and the project leader that I have created. I was surprised that they were not the one separated me and the rest of the team but my lack of courage to speak up. Furthermore, they are agreed on my standpoint of the ethic topic I have raised and they suggested me to discuss such project related topics with them first before I rush to action.

Improve – I should not be such cowardly in a new working environment. As a new member, I should learn how to interact and communicate with project team members or fellow employees professionally. Additionally, I will utilize my colleagues’ suggestions to improve my teamwork skills.